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Don't be like me!

Posted by Admin Posted on 27 July 2018


Ok, I’ll admit it – I am the worst at opening my post. I am forever in trouble with the other half for leaving an ever-growing pile of unopened post in the kitchen. He on the other hand, opens all his post as soon as he receives it, deals with everything immediately, file’s what is important and shreds what is not. However, the years of him nagging me are finally starting to pay off, I’m becoming a little bit more pro-active with my post and not burying my head in the sand any more. I must admit, although its easier to ignore it I have learnt one valuable lesson – it’s never as bad as you think it’s going to be!


If you are already a client of MAS Associates, you may have already met me, we may have had a few conversations on the phone, but you will have certainly received something in the post from me. Recently, I was tasked with the rather large job of renewing our engagement letters to allow for the new GDPR laws that were made effective 25th May 2018. If you’re one of the lucky ones, this will have been an envelope with just a few engagement letters, schedule of services and terms and conditions. For companies that we provide a large amount of services too and that have a number of directors that we act for as an individual, you will have received quite a few letters. All of which have been sent with duplicate copies, one for your files and one for you to return to us signed.


We have already received many of these back signed – fantastic! But a few of our clients have asked questions about the letters like “Do I really need to sign these?” & “What even is GDPR?”


These letters are important, engagement letters are the contract between you as a client and MAS Associates Ltd that defines the scope of work, responsibilities and obligations of each of the respective parties. By signing and returning these you are agreeing that you have understood the scope of work that we will carry out for you, our company policies and terms and conditions.


GDPR is the new EU "General Data Protection Regulation" and is the most significant shake-up in data privacy and data security in 20 years. It has replaced the "Data Protection Act". The biggest change to our engagement letter is the “Privacy Notice” section. As MAS Associates Ltd is both a Data Controller and Data Processor, the Privacy Notice section explains purposes for which we intend to process personal data, how long we will retain records for and your rights regarding the information we hold about yourself.


If you have not yet returned the engagement letters to us because you have questions that need answering or any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, if you’re like the old me and you’re currently storing the large unopened envelope with a MAS Associates Ltd stamp on, underneath a pile of washing that you should probably see too as well – get proactive! Give it a read, sign where prompted and return to me as soon as possible. You can always pop in with the letters and we’ll be happy to help you through them.