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HMRC going digital.

Posted by Admin Posted on 30 Apr 2018


Time goes to quickly, I moved house last year, it’s almost been a year, I just can't believe how quickly the time has gone, changes happening all the time, especially with HMRC, making tax digital, make sure you look at digital software now, so you know which one works for you, time goes so fast, you don't want to be leaving it to the last minute.


From April 2019 businesses above the VAT threshold will be mandated to keep their records digitally and provide quarterly updates to HMRC for their VAT.


In the meantime, business can start researching which bookkeeping software might suit their enterprise.  For instance, a business that is VAT-registered will need digital tools that have VAT capabilities.  If another firm spends a lot on business travel, it could look at apps that allow employees to record expenses on their smartphones. The key is to match the needs of your business with the features of a product.  Somebody who does jobs on their own, like a gardener or window cleaner, may need to get smartphone software which they can enter financial information into as they go along.


At MAS we are looking at two digital bookkeeping software packages, FreeAgent and Quickbooks.  All staff have experience in FreeAgent, we as a team are qualified in FreeAgent and we are currently updating our qualifications in Quickbooks, all staff will be able to help with any queries, we will be able to login to the cloud, if we have permission and help with any queries. MAS has chosen these two because FreeAgent is at the moment free to NatWest customers, and we have also chosen Quickbooks because we have found this to be very popular will our clients.


If you have concerns or any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact the office, to speak to one of our friendly staff, we are always happy to hear from you and deal with any queries you may have


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